Smart Grid in Puducherry - A Reality

Renewable Integration / Microgrid

A Microgrid is an integrated energy and communication system consisting of interconnected loads and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) which mainly operates in standalone mode or in parallel with the grid (macro grid) in case of emergency. Microgrid generation resources include Micro turbines, wind, solar, fuel cells or other energy sources. The multiple dispersed generation sources and ability to isolate the microgrid from a larger network provides highly reliable electric power to its consumers.

Current Status
  • Smart Meters: 1658
  • DT Meters: 11 (Nos.)
  • Data Concentrator Units: 33

  • DTMU: 08 (Nos.)
  • FPI: 21 (Nos.)

  • LT Automatic power factor correction : 140 kvar

  • Street Lighting Automation: 126 (Nos.)
  • Virtual Demand Response
  • Electric Vehicle with Solar Charging Station
  • MicroGrid Controllers
  • Net Metering 3 (Nos.)

  • 3rd Steering committee meeting: 21st September 2013
  • Pilot Control Center inaugurated: 19th October 2012
  • 2nd Steering committee meeting: 19th October 2012
  • 1st Steering committee meeting: 13th July 2012
  • 2nd Executive Committee meeting: 12th July 2012
  • 1st Executive Committee meeting: 17th March 2012
  • CEO Meeting for Pilot Project: 17th Feb 2012