Smart Grid in Puducherry - A Reality

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Smart Meter

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) facilitates monitoring and measurement of consumer information through Smart Meters installed at customer premises. The information is transferred to utility control centre through communication mode such GPRS / PLC / RF. Smart meters will also enable Time of Day (TOD) and Critical Peak pricing (CPP)/Real Time Pricing (RTP) rate metering and monitoring based on energy consumption.

Main features of AMI are:

  • Recording energy consumption data for consumer and utility (kWh, kVARh voltage, pf, max demand etc.)
  • Automatically send the consumption data to the utility at pre-defined intervals.
  • Time-based pricing signal for Demand Response.
  • Bi-directional communication ability.
  • Net metering to facilitate integration of Distributed Generation in the form of Roof Top Solar etc.
  • Loss of power (and restoration) event notification.
  • Remote Load limiting for Peak Load management.
  • Remote connection and disconnection of individual supply.
  • Energy prepayment.
  • Reporting meter tampering in real time to the utility.
  • Communications with other intelligent devices in the home.
  • Gateway to communicate other meters data (Gas/water).

Current Status
  • Smart Meters: 1658
  • DT Meters: 11 (Nos.)
  • Data Concentrator Units: 33

  • DTMU: 08 (Nos.)
  • FPI: 21 (Nos.)

  • LT Automatic power factor correction : 140 kvar

  • Street Lighting Automation: 126 (Nos.)
  • Virtual Demand Response
  • Electric Vehicle with Solar Charging Station
  • MicroGrid Controllers
  • Net Metering 3 (Nos.)

  • 3rd Steering committee meeting: 21st September 2013
  • Pilot Control Center inaugurated: 19th October 2012
  • 2nd Steering committee meeting: 19th October 2012
  • 1st Steering committee meeting: 13th July 2012
  • 2nd Executive Committee meeting: 12th July 2012
  • 1st Executive Committee meeting: 17th March 2012
  • CEO Meeting for Pilot Project: 17th Feb 2012