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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
A. FAQs regarding Inspection Call
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1) What is ICMS ?
2) What are advantages of ICMS ?
3) Who can access ICMS ?
4) Who can get User name and Password ?
5) How to get User Name and Password ?
6) Who can raise an Inspection Call ?
7) What are pre-requisite for raising an Inspection Call ?
8) What User details are required for registration of LOA in the ICMS?
9) How to raise an inspection call ?
10) How to get LOA details incorporated in ICMS ?
11) What happens after an inspection call is raised ?
12) What is waival of witnessing by POWERGRID representative?
13) Whom to contact after raising an inspection call ?
14) What about inspection call related to foreign place of inspection ?
15) How to track the status of an inspection call ?
16) Why and when an inspection call is blocked ?
17) How the blocked inspection calls can be made accessible ?
18) What are MOP No. and its Revision no.?
19) What is ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) ?
20) What is Message Board ?
21) What is level of inspection ?
22) Why level of inspection required to be selected while raising an inspection call ?
B. FAQs for Sub-Vendor Approval process in POWERGRID
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1) What is the method for vendor / sub-vendor approval in POWERGRID ?
2) Can a vendor / sub-vendor directly submit his proposal to POWERGRID ?
3) Does the vendor / sub-vendor approval ends with completion of supply against Particular LOA/Project ?
4) What is required for re-approval of manufacturer / vendor / sub-vendor ?
5) What is Vendor development programme by POWERGRID ?
C. FAQs for Starting of Process-inspection by POWERGRID
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1) What is process-inspection by POWERGRID ?
2) How is it different than product-inspection ?

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